The search for funding for our work is never-ending. Even though we are a “Cost-Share” organization and we donate more than 50% of the cost of a project, it has always been difficult to obtain support. We are very grateful to the many dedicated land managers who have worked so hard to seek out funding opportunities. Although we have always considered volunteerism to be an integral part of who we are, we cannot afford to work for free. In addition, there are many, many regions that have rock art that is being negatively impacted, and yet very little money is available to either document or manage them. In order to continue and expand our documentation and education efforts, we are actively seeking donations from any individual or organization concerned with protecting these valuable resources. Any help, no matter how small, is greatly appreciated and will be put to good use. All donations are tax deductible, of course.

In addition to funding, there are a variety of skills and equipment that we desperately need. Anyone with skills or experience in fund-raising or accounting for a non-profit group, and who is willing to donate their time, will be quite welcome. We also have a strong need for equipment such as quality digital cameras, tripods, computers, etc.

Items don't need to be new to be useful, but they do need to be in good shape.

Anyone with a good 4wd vehicle that needs a good home should contact us.

Did we mention all donations are tax-deductable?

Please contact us at: western.rockart [at] gmail [dot] com