Carol Ormsbee

Carol Ormsbee

cormsbee [at] aol [dot] com


University of Montana, Missoula B.A. Anthropology and Sociology, 1970


University of California, San Diego
Professional Certificate in Human Resources Management, 1987
Arizona Archaeological Society (AAS)
Certificate in Rock Art Recording, 2000


A Land of Style: A Quantitative and Cultural Transmission Approach to Understanding Coso Rock Art. In Contemporary Issues in California Archaeology, Terry Jones and Jennifer Perry, editors. In Press.

Rock Art Recording Experience

Anderson Mesa, AZ, AAS Rock Art Field School (Student) - 1999, 2000
Learned accepted recordation techniques on two large sites

Perry Mesa, AZ, AAS Rock Art Field School (Assistant Team Leader), 2002
Taught recording techniques, recorded and finished loci 1-5 at Brooklyn Basin

Perry Mesa, AZ, AAS Rock Art Field School (Team Leader), 2003
Taught recording techniques, recorded locus 6 at Brooklyn Basin

Shooting Gallery, Pahranaguts Mountains, NV, BLM project (Recorder ), 2004
Assisted in recordation of approximately 10 loci

Sears Point, AZ, (Recorder), 2008
Assisted in recordation of two large loci

Coso Rock Art Recording Project, China Lake Naval Base, CA (Project Manager) - 2000 to present
Survey resulted in discovery or rediscovery of over 300 sites
Full rock art recordation of 26 sites

Wardaman Dreaming Project, Wardaman land, NT Australia (Recorder), 2008
Assisted in recordation of three sites during 2008 field season

Fort Irwin Recordation Project, Fort Irwin, CA (Field Director of Rock Art Recording) - 2008
Ongoing recordation project of all known sites on the base


Mojave Rock Art Workshop
American Rock Art Research Association
Nevada Rock Art Foundation
Western Rock Art Research, a founding member
Society for California Archaeology
San Diego County Archaeological Society

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